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Southern Utah Elopement

Does your stress levels jump when you start to think about a traditional wedding and all the planning/money that it involves? Want something more intimate and feels more like you and your significant other? Does adventure peak your interest? Eloping is becoming the next big (little) wedding trend! There's no right or wrong way to elope so if you want to stick to just the two of you and make it very intimate, go for it. Want to bring your dog? Bring your fur friend! Did you know that in several states, your pet can be you witness and in some, even your officiant? I'm fur-real! Keep the elopement small and invite your closest friends and family and have a small dinner party at a local restaurant after. There's also ways to include family and friends even if they're not physically present.

I'm so excited to be adding elopements to my wedding packages! This was a major bonus when we decided to move to Utah. Something that I'm really excited to expand my business in! Southern Utah has so many beautiful and unique places to elope. Zion National Park is gorgeous, but you can also find the same beauty outside the park. The fun thing about elopements is how laid back and easy they are. It's also a honeymoon! I'll be there for you every step of the way. To plan the day, capture the moments and celebrate your love!

I offer 3 elopement packages: Sunrise, Sunset & the Adventure Package. Sunrise & Sunset are 3 hour packages during, you guessed it, sunrise or sunset. The adventure package is the 6 hour package that includes 3 hours at sunrise and 3 hours at sunset. All packages at a location of your choosing.

Let's go on an adventure together!

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