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Coolest of Wedding Venues? Ice Rink!

It's been one year since Bailey and Dave tied the knot at center ice and we just got hit by a winter storm here in Michigan so it seemed fitting to finally blog their wedding day. They both love/play hockey so the only logical place to get married was an ice rink. I remember getting the email from Bailey saying they were getting married at the ice arena and she thought of me because she knew I'd be comfortable on the ice. [Side note...I graduated high school with Bailey so she knew I grew up figure skating] There was no hesitation on my end. I never would have thought my skating experience would benefit my photography business. With their family sitting on the team benches and their fans sitting in the bleachers, they said their vows at center ice. Let me tell you that being in skates made taking photos so much easier on my end! This will forever be one of my favorite weddings/venues.

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