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Front Yard Wedding

This week was suppose to be wedding week for Alissa and Ryan, however the world through a curve ball. Through many ups and downs in the planning process as most 2020 wedding couples are dealing with during COVID, Alissa and Ryan decided to get married in her Mom's front yard and have a tailgate party on June 11, 2020. When planning the new date, Alissa texted me "Only picking that date bc I turn 30 on the 12th and screw it, let's get married when i'm 29!" They got married on 6/11, she turned 30 on 6/12 and he turned 30 on 6/13. 3 day celebration from here on out and no excuses on forgetting anniversaries or birthdays between the two of them! They also had perfect weather for being in June. Mid 70's and sunny with a breeze. I know these plan B weddings aren't what the couples had in mind, but they sure are turning out to be perfect! Here's to Ryan & Alissa and getting to party with them again at their reception next year!

Also got to work with Kristin from Ackerman & Co. and it's always a good time working with her!

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