California Vibes

You would have thought we were on the west coast for this lifestyle branding shoot. This was pretty exciting because Indy Brand Clothing lent some merchandise for this shoot and we’ve (my husband and I) followed them for some time now. They’re also based out of Utah, where my husband grew up so there’s that. let us use their van for the shoot and it was the cutest thing. Side note, go check out their story on their Instagram page @havens_adventure. Pretty neat!

Finally, any model agencies out there need to contact Lauren ASAP because she practically walked out of a magazine. I wish I had the confidence in front of the camera like all of our models from this weekend did. Want to see me clam up, stick me in front of the lens.

Model: Lauren Russell @lauren_elaine23

Lifestyle Brand: Indy Brand Clothing @indybrandclothing

VAN Photo Studio:

Workshop: Voyage @voyageworkshops

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