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50's Inspired Senior Session

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade? I think Tommy was meant to live his prime years in the 50's! We took his senior photos at the Packard Proving Ground Historic Site in Shelby Twp., MI. From his fedora hat to his three piece suit, he was dressed to the nines. He was even equipped with a vintage film camera. Having a camera in my hand is natural to me, however having a film camera in hand is a completely different story. Tommy asked me to take some photos of him on his camera so he could develop them later. I would have sworn none of them turned out because I have never used a camera that old before, but they turned out pretty cool! Packard Proving Ground has some old, very rare cars that we were able to take photos by and they also got to ride in one!

Venue: Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

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