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Well hello!


I'm Kelsey, also known as Gig. I'm a wedding & lifestyle photographer in Metro Detroit. Born and raised in the Mitten State with a lot of MI pride.

I married a Utah man and took him from the Great Salt Lake to the Great Lakes. We have two sons, Cove and Milo. Every day is an adventure with a house full of boys. They also make the best models, whether they like it or not so you will see them in a lot of my pictures. Sorry, not sorry.

I love puns, thunderstorms, music, adventure, quality time with my favorite humans and photography (duh!). I drink coffee for the creamer, not the caffeine. If I have more than one cup I will not be able to sleep at night. I come from a very sarcastic family. My guilty pleasure is reality tv. I believe in quality over quantity in so many aspects of life.

So where did Gig in Gig Photography come from? When my little brother first started talking he would call me "Sissy" which came out "Giggy" and was shortened to "Gig". So my family nickname is Gig. 

I'm fortunate to have turned my love of photography from a hobby to a paid hobby (I still don't consider it a job because jobs are boring). I love capturing "moments". You know, those brief periods of time where you let your guard down and I get that shot of something real. I like to consider myself an observer with a camera which isn't creepy at all. So let's go on an adventure together!

Yours truly,

Kelsey Willson



"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

                                                                                         -Dorthea Lange


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Located in Macomb, Michigan

Serving all of Metro Detroit

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